16/30 One for the Ladies

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Watched you cartwheel across
your morning minefield

hug the glass shards
in your aquarium

pour Sisyphus some tea
and burn your own effigy

I was like damn, where can I
get some world shoulders like those?

WOMAN, the way you juggle nightmares
like chain lightning and still have time

for accent nails got me spun
like a satellite. I would gladly break orbit

for the touch of your GRAvity. I love
how you spell it with the beginning of

GRAce. Can I just say, that the You Doing
You looks especially amazing on YOU.

The next time you’re carrying us
without complaint, because BECAUSE 😦

please excuse our whiny “Take for granteds”
and remember this as my “Thank you.”




Rorshach’s Journal. 14/30 (Erasure poem composed of notable lines spoken by Rorshach in the film “Watchmen)

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Squeeze people. Forget how we do things,
Soft, trusting good friend, give me back my face.
You’re locked in with me tonight, comedian,
I remember. I used to come here often,
back when we were partners. You quit.

Heard joke once, Doctor Depressed.
Threatening world says “Treatment is simple.”
Pick up burst tears. “Good joke, everybody.
Roll curtains,” says Tricky Dick.

Dog carcass alley. Morning tire tread,
burst stomach. Streets extend foam
up waists and shout “Save us” whispers

Find out what the score is.
One, nothing.
Come and get me.

God didn’t kill Fate, didn’t butcher Destiny.
God saw us that night, didn’t seem to mind.
I knew… God doesn’t make the world this way.
We do. Nobody cares. Nobody cares but me.

Bad taste in mouth. Failure sits whimpering in his
active, healthy, personality disorders. Dying in California.
Revolving door silhouette victim lifestyle. Asylum in two names.

What kind of cancer? A pretty butterfly.
Exact justice. Keep your own secrets…
Never compromise. Suddenly you discover
humanity. Convenient.

Of course, protect Utopia.
What are you waiting for?

No! No!
No! No,
no, no, no!

Walked right into stupid surrender.
Got put down. Tell me, what do you see?

Funny, ancient pharaohs hoping the cadavers
would rise, reclaim hearts from golden jars.
Holding breath. Hold on to something.
Don’t wish to interfere, perhaps,
pull up sharply before… dead.

Fine like this. Some nice flowers.
Clouds. Hiding in plain sight.
You keep calling,

This city’s afraid of me…
I’ve seen its true face.

13/30 Terminal Velocity (Lots of verses this year, can’t complain)

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Terminal velocity be the policy

Uncle ‘Cid and Molly, no apologies

If you follow me, you’re bound to get incepted.

Riddle with the Sphinx, wild out, leave him headless.

“See you at the crossroads”

where the lost souls go to talk shit and politic

holes full of holes and their bottomless.

Gas bottle rag match solace kit,

one day less till apocalypse,

better hope your god doesn’t not exist

Can the dark and light mix?

Can our avatars put this sabotage behind us?

Can we kill the violence with some science and some kindness ?

Can you spare some canned goods with cash in a vice grip?

I don’t really think so.

I don’t think these people really seeing other people.

50 years ago they wanted segregated gene pools

some still do, unbelievable

“I don’t think it means what you think…” inconceivable

as Mankind’s planetary raping spree. Now we full tilt

cup overflowing still, built to spill, wool quilt

over windows to the soul and it’s

such a great joke to the folks that’s controlling shit

I wish they wood like Groot, 5D time loop, split infinity

post traumatic symphony of imagery

trade the ecstasy for the agony and misery

I’m sure your social media is far more interesting.


12/12 Apprentice (12 bars for number 12)

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Apprentice bent his spoon out the depths of his cocoon
Set his awestruck expression on a stolen breath moon
Read the message in the view, stood bemused for a few then
Wept like it swept up his brilliant red balloon
He said I hope you never scope the vertigo I know
Wide-eyed stare from highs faux unreachable
You think you hit the pinnacle, you think you’re so ill
You’re just a 15 minute man-made mountain molehill
I can see you know it well spelled in crumbling of citadel
The penny toss that lost itself before it hit the wishing well
The minstrel selling blood and tissue calling it her calling
The eerie calm they felt just seconds before the missiles fell

11/30 Magnificent Flaws (Really like this one. Not sure about the ending though)

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Starlight naked, ready to hang glide my spirit
over canyons of panther’s teeth howling freefall.
Refusing to be swallowed in the unmarked grave
of a corporate smile, it’s time to bet life
on risk versus uncertainty.

Time to dive face first into my sixth sense anatomy.
To manuscript an alive language of “Succeed”
build rapture from mistakes, delight in awkward
and always save room for ice cream.

If “heal” is a wounded word and “present” means
deepbreathingsayyes I want to releasebreathe
until my heart expands into an ocean of here/now
kick myself off pedestals and sever earthly ties.

Grow upside down roots from my fingers into multi-verse possibles
Make dark matter love and fill the deep space with play in slow motion
I can do all of these things plus cartwheels with the right secret handshake

I’ve lost my keys on purpose
And am climbing in windows

Foregoing views from the afterglow with snifters of wince.
No longer wandering lost in a Mockery’s discarded library
So over withering to a vaporous scream.
Baptized in the sins of the father,
I’ve escaped scathed and scathed again.

My full moon armor is sometimes more chink
than impervious yet thusly cloaked
I’m the most confident stockholder
in my range of poor investments.

I am the consummate
Not Exactly What You’d Expected
The Breaker of Down in Inopportune Times
The accomplished Sleeper of Late
Expert Awkward Smile Deliverer
Midnight Eater of the Calorie Laden Smackerel

The Emperor of Accidental Offenses
The Unintentional Intimacy Killer
Armed with these magnificent flaws
I can only laugh

and laugh


and laugh.


10/10 Across the Bridge to Chaos (Prompt was to write something using the alphabet)

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Across the bridge to chaos

detecting emanations from

golden half-idol Jacks-in-the box

Kindred lemmings moving northward,

onward. Promised quiescence reaches

seductively, tentacles unraveling.

Voracious, wildly yearning,

xenomorphic till zero hour.

9/30 *Trigger Warning (No prompt but very real imagery)

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This may not be suitable for readers who’s lives have been affected by assault or rape.

Born to buy trained to self hate and rape
Par exemplar of our glorious race
Keep the rage self contained below the beltway
And release at an appropriate place
Like when daddy hit the referee
Whiskey bottle press release
Drop the mic, eat shit and die
Human centipedes
Predatory tendencies broadcast
Drop pants, naughty lass
Knew she had it comin
Cuz she stepped out in public
Should’ve stayed at home watching Comcast
Should’ve taught the boy No Means No, MEANS:  STOP THAT
Shouldn’t have let him get his own pair of dog tags
Should’ve listened BEFORE she walked off into a body bag.

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