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24/30 Arose

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When courage summoning feels like bled dry
and even evening’s cool kiss stings parasitic

when the static ominous of countdown
heartbeats lingers behind closed eyes

when hope is a dead language spoken
only by library ghosts and scratched vinyl

I multiply the space between broken teeth
by my empty, dive into my own natural disasters

and tape my glasses back together. No matter
how many times they swallow me whole I will

still know my own reflection in darkness. Still
smile through the gaps. Arose by any other name

is still ascended. Already lifted myself out of THEIR
nightmare. It’s ME they should be worried about.



21/30- 3 Hay(na)ku (Avoiding the temptation to count each of these as one to play catch up)

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you can.
I know it.

you, me.
It’s a date.

more complicated
than it seems.

17/30 Come Here. (For my La Cachette)

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I love you from your stretch marks
to your tears. From the sunlight curls
left on pillow to your ocean irises.
From the clogged shower drain

to your home from work sighs.
Sometimes, when you enter a room,
I can feel the air shift to make space
for your heartsleeve. Especially

when you are Moody Blues and hate my
calling you that, I am all crows feet and
lip stretch. Smile too wide to hide it.
I know you can see the green tea stains

my teeth wear like merit badges. I am
full of the best kind of don’t care. The
kind that says, “Come here, insecure
and confident. Here, fit throwing and

don’t want to talk about it. Here, hesitant
midnight hand requesting permission
to board my jackhammer chest, pounding
tympani roll slowly subsiding as your palm

cups frustration like a 5 year old catching
a firefly. Clumsy, trying desperately not
to crush a living nightlight. Put it in a jar,
with poked hole lid and fresh mown grass,

let it climb sticks and fall down. Let it go
before it dies so it can fly one last time. When
I say, “I can never stay mad at you” I mean,
“Come here. Let your hand be a place warmer

for your head, let my arms wrap around you
like a book cover. Read your pages to me until
we are aged and yellow torn, more dust than spine,
tossed into the ‘Free Box’ of yesterday’s library.”


9/30 *Trigger Warning (No prompt but very real imagery)

Posted in Que Interesante on 04/12/2015 by spikedaeley

This may not be suitable for readers who’s lives have been affected by assault or rape.

Born to buy trained to self hate and rape
Par exemplar of our glorious race
Keep the rage self contained below the beltway
And release at an appropriate place
Like when daddy hit the referee
Whiskey bottle press release
Drop the mic, eat shit and die
Human centipedes
Predatory tendencies broadcast
Drop pants, naughty lass
Knew she had it comin
Cuz she stepped out in public
Should’ve stayed at home watching Comcast
Should’ve taught the boy No Means No, MEANS:  STOP THAT
Shouldn’t have let him get his own pair of dog tags
Should’ve listened BEFORE she walked off into a body bag.

Feeling quite chuffed!

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The very talented Fay Roberts from the Cambridgeshire NaPoWriMo Blog was kind enough to contact me about using my tagline, “In Love with Our Own Misconduct” in one of her poems! I can’t tell you how flattering that is and the poem she wrote is a damn good one! Please check it out at the link below,

6-7/30 Let’s catching up (aka cheating) with two haiku. (Inspired by the documentary “Cowspiracy”)

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While cows destroy Earth
Thirsty California nuts
Drink more than you do

It’s actually us
Trading planet for milk money
Killing ourselves with cows

Protected: Ridin’ the Tiger Down the River Euphrates (Rough Draft)

Posted in Que Interesante on 09/04/2014 by spikedaeley

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